> “Writing is nature’s way of letting you know how sloppy your thinking is.” > *— Guindon* Pictured below is ten-year-old me in the middle of the Amazon jungle with my younger siblings and my dad. My dad gave us all a sense of adventure and an insatiable curiosity that I treasure to this day. ![[dad-boa-age-10.jpg]] The page you're on is ==a trailhead== to a growing collection of notes. An opportunity for me to refine my thinking and a chance to share with you what I've learned. Expect a few typos, amendments and a confluence of thought across a broad range of subjects. The synthesis is ==in progress==. And that is what my mom taught me — how to learn through synthesis. In 4th grade I made an eggplant sound interesting in an essay. We researched and wrote. Not much has changed, honestly. Maybe you just want to check out the [[résumé]] or read what [[other people say]] about me. Maybe you know about me because of [[Wordy]] — an Obsidian note making plugin that uses the Datamuse API for finding alliterative synonyms and other interesting wordy things. Or perhaps you share a passion for stationary and would appreciate an [[An Ode to Paper]]? Maybe you are the recipient of some [[Flummoxing Feedback]] and want some encouragement. In any case, fellow practitioner, please enjoy your stay. Each essay is a work in progress.