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EP. 012



Hey, welcome to voice memo workout episode number 12. I’m here with my co-host say hello. Get your rears in gear and. Warm up drink some water swing your arms around stretch out your. Legs legs, you heard it folks, you heard it here first. So let’s go ahead and stretch your legs for 20 seconds begin. Stretch your leg. Squat. And you can if you want but this workout we’re just recording. It’s just a voice memo. Or a 16 seconds, we just need to tell the folks at home. How many seconds has passed so you tell them how many seconds 234 now please stop. Stretch your arms out ready, so when you’re right arm around for 10 seconds, go. 10, please stop, ladies and switch, ladies and gentlemen to your left hand left arm 10 seconds. 10 now, please stop, ladies and gentlemen. And go ahead and let some Superman all right second 23 seconds begin. We just we can let them know when it’s at 23 seconds. And while they’re doing we can do origami. What do you got there? I feel like my origami base. This one turned out pretty good, huh? Now please. Now it’s time to do some squats. 30 seconds worth of squats ready begin. In case you missed that we’re doing squats now. That is an image of a KitchenAid mixer that. Grandma. Sent me. Maybe we can mix up our sourdough bread a little easier eating more easily, oh we’re at 37 seconds now, please. And do some push-ups for 40 seconds ready begin. Even working out for three minutes. Running low on origami paper. Are you making there? Push-ups, you know what you do origami? Actually, thanks for reminding me that. 40 seconds remember. 37, 38, 39, 49, you can stop and then you’re gonna go ahead and switch over under your back, oh it only has the dough hook bummer well, that’s fine, that’s all we need is a dough hook actually and you’ll be doing some sit-ups for 60 seconds ready begin. You’re been working out for four minutes. Wings out. Double triple. 23 seconds. He doesn’t almost take a swan and you meet these together. I’m making a boat here swine boat. It’s for keeping the crew updated and we’ve reached our one minute worth of sit ups now it’s time to now jump up and do burpees we’re gonna do 60 seconds worth of burpees ready go no not yet you say ready set go ready set on your mark get set go and the timer is to talk to talk take a clock. She android stopwatch app, okay? I don’t know. I’ve never done a burpee that way. This is not a burpee. Okay and then you flip the wings out these spaces are connected, okay, and then you fold that here 34 seconds. And then it’s a hat. No and then you put this part here and lay again, oh and I see what that is and then is that a clavicle? Breaks gonna be. You’ll see okay, okay one minute great job folks doing burpees, now it’s time. It just went past by seven seconds see this is counting the minutes that’s counting the seconds all right now it’s time for let’s see what else should we do. Plank so we’ll do plank first let’s do planks. I’m pretty sure we already did it blank so we’ll be do planks for hundred seconds one hundred seconds, all right, so that’s sixty seconds. And sixty plus forty so one minute and forty seconds get ready to do a plank and go ahead and go on your arms and then get on your right and your left hand and then back down up and down up and down ready one minute forty seconds yeah, okay. Oh are you trying to do a cicada? It’s okay to bug. And origami cicada what if we turn this into a crane, okay? I’m gonna get some more origami paper. You’ll keep track. No it’s fine. Here at 39 seconds. Keep pushing through. I know these are challenging. I know I’ve had a hard time with them, oh that’s what I was gonna mention earlier about the push-ups if you’re having a hard time with push-ups as I have you can switch to trend filling out. I know but when when after this when we do some push-ups? You’re gonna put on your new sweater, let’s get a little chilly. Yeah, I can cut the time off. Down here yeah, you got 20 more seconds, okay? Hopefully this riveting dialogue is keeping you distracted from the pain, oh you’re so close ten seconds. All right and you are. Done man. I think people are gonna start sending in complaints after that minute long forty seconds plank, that’s please don’t send. Wait, so that’s right don’t send any complaints in. Alright, um, we’ve been working out for nine minutes. We’re almost to the the Soccer saying 10 minute mark. Let’s finish up our time. No way. Let’s finish up with some. Jumping jacks. Pregnant pause. That’s if an expression when there’s a pause in a performance and you’re waiting. And it feels like it feels like almost nine months but really it’s just the moment. Yeah, so long a pregnancy lasts three trimesters. And then you have a baby. There’s a workout. A nine month long workout. Hopefully we can keep this up for nine months. All right, so jumping jacks begin. I like having you on as a co-host. Kind of nice. Works out pretty pretty schnazzy. You want to play some carcassone? With. Been doing drummer jacks for 40 seconds. On your glasses and read a book for 39 seconds. Now, they got a cool down first. We have to do this workout tomorrow morning, you know. So, whatever you’re saying right now, we gotta do tomorrow morning. First thing. All right, thanks for listening to the voice memo workout podcast brought to you by your co-hosts. Who will not be named bye.