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EP. 011



Okay, welcome to episode 11. Ouch respond to my knee on the couch, okay? I’m in the kitchen coast is clear can turn on some lights. Oh my eyes. Okay, so hopefully while I’ve been talking for the last 20 seconds, you’ve been warming up. Potentially drinking water stretching out your muscles. Swing in your arms around. It limber. We’ll go ahead and drink. Jump right into it. First let me split my voice memo app. Split screen with. The stopwatch. And we are going to do. 20 second. Plank your marks gets it 20 second plank and if you would like you can get up on your right arm and your left arm. Right hand left hand then down back to your farms repeat that motion add nauseum, hopefully not adenosine without. Maybe if you’re doing this workout after breakfast or something a large breakfast. Wow, it’s already been 20 seconds great job now go ahead and do a 20 second Superman. Three seconds four seconds, keep going. Hold it for five more seconds. Balance on your belly button. And you’re done. Now flip on over for 20 seconds worth of sit-ups. Five more seconds. All right. Now go ahead and give me 20 seconds worth of push-ups on your marks, get set go. And you’re done. Now go ahead and take a five-second breather, five, four. Three two one and we’re gonna repeat that but this time is of 20 we’re gonna do 60 seconds so I’ll get ready for a 60 second blank on your marks get set go go ahead and break up the monotony by getting up on your right arm and you’re left actually let’s just go ahead and do that right arm left arm right forearm left form right hand left hand right forearm left form up and down you’re 15 seconds in keep doing that for 60 seconds. You’re halfway there. 45. And you’re done that was a one minute. Plank with stuff happening to make it interesting. Okay, let’s see after the plank we’re gonna do a 60 second. Superman here we go, get ready set go hold that for 60 seconds on your belly button. You’re at 20 seconds. You’re halfway there. 10 more seconds. Terrific. Okay, so. What do we do last? The Superman now it’s time to flip on over and do 60 seconds worth of sit-ups. Actually let’s do 60 seconds worth of push-ups just to give your stomach a little bit of a break before we do 60 seconds worth of. Lips so stretch right now move your arms around get ready for 60 seconds worth of push-ups. On your marks, get set go. And you’re halfway there. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 2 1. Great. Now go ahead and slip on back over for 60 seconds worth of sit-ups on your marks, get set go timers chicken. 10 seconds. 20 seconds. You’re halfway there. 49, 50, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 3 2 1 0, great unit. 61 seconds worth of sit-ups. Excellent. Now I think it’s time to take a five-second breather. Five four three, two one and then we’ll go ahead and finish off with back on McDonalds of each exercise, so do a 20 second plank. I’m sorry 20 seconds. Superman. Three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Halfway there. Hold it. Great now go ahead and. Let’s go into the Superman go ahead and get up and do a 20 second plank already any marks it’s set go. Five more seconds, hold it. Near 20 seconds. If you can hold it for a little bit longer, that’s that’s even better. We’re at 30 seconds cool. Let’s see what’s next. I did Superman if you’re playing let’s go to 20 seconds worth of push-ups, and then finish it off with 60 seconds worth of burpees on your marks, get set go. 20 seconds worth of push-ups. Halfway there. Oh sorry 35 seconds you did a few extra push-ups, but. That’s great all right now go ahead and take a breath stretch out a little bit count to three. Give yourself a pat on the back, you’ve been working out for 11 minutes and 17 seconds. With the last burst of energy that you have let’s do one minutes worth of burpees and. This time when you jump up put your hands behind your head and then you get down and. Kind of lunge forward into a push-up position, and if you can do a push-up that’s great otherwise come on back to a squat and then sit up and stand up and then jump up again and repeat that on your marks, yes set final one minute worth of burpees go. Five seconds. 13 seconds. 20 to seconds. Keep going. You’re almost halfway there. 30 seconds. 40. Been working out for 12 minutes and 43 seconds. 10 more seconds. For three, two, one, zero. You’ve done it. You’ve completed your 11th workout. Go ahead and have a smoothie. Cool down do some German Jax Dragon place a bit walk around move your legs. Stretch your belly out land your back for a little bit do some yoga poses. Wonder if you need to do. Don’t just sit down right away, keep moving. And thanks for listening. Bye.