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EP. 008



Hey, welcome. Today, we’re gonna do a workout just like we do every single time.Make sure you get warmed up get some water yada yada if you’ve been listening to this a while, hopefully you’ve already done this. Let’s jump right in. Today we’re gonna do some calf lifts. I don’t know what those are maybe those are called that or you just get up on your tippy toes and then get back down to toes and get back down and we’re gonna do those for 60 seconds starting right now. And I hit the stopwatch so go ahead put on some music. It’s back relax and get your heart rate up.So up and down up and down.17 seconds. While you’re doing that you can swing your arms around your right arm bring it forward loosen up your neck.Roll it around.45 seconds. All right, all right. 60 seconds. Go ahead and stretch touch your toes and hold that.For 30 seconds. You can come up halfway.And then go back down, so 10 11.Right? Come on out of that stretch and then go back into it. Another 15 seconds stretch it out. And we’re there. Okay, now I want you to do some I don’t know what they’re called knee ups for you jog in place, but you bring your knees up.Really high.Let’s do that for 30 seconds. To get the blood flowing. Halfway there. Great. Now, let’s do.Minutes worth of squats.Get ready. Go.Make sure you have good form back nice and straight arms out squat down. If you were to look out look down, you can see your tips or your toes.This goes down and hold it come back up. One minute’s worth. Halfway there. 44 seconds. 10 more seconds. Great.Go ahead and give yourself a little breather. And then we’re gonna get down on the ground for you guessed it.Some push-ups. So go ahead and do some push-ups for 30 seconds.Go. Five seconds. 21 seconds. 29 30. Great job. Alright, now while you’re down there, go ahead and get into a plank and we’re gonna hold a plank for 30 seconds. Go. Here at 19 20 seconds.22. 30 seconds.All right. Now, go ahead and stretch out. Hop on up. Let’s do.30 seconds worth of jumping jacks.Go. You’ve been working out for six minutes so far. This is fun, isn’t it?So much fun. Just keep telling yourself that. Now this isn’t fun but.Up 37 seconds doing great. Okay.But you’ll feel better. That’s what we’re doing this for.And. All right, um.It is now time for some sit-ups.So, go ahead and.I get down on the ground and get ready for 30 seconds worth of sit-ups. Are you ready, five four three, two, one begin? Here at 16 seconds. 30 seconds, you made it.Great job.Let’s go ahead and give yourself as a quick breather. And then we get ready for a 30 seconds Superman. Give a nice well-rounded, make sure your back muscles are getting some work. Go one, two, three timers ticking. Doing exceptional. And you are done. So we did some squats some sit-ups push-ups. Superman let’s go ahead.Whenever I’m talking and we’re not doing a workout make sure you’re stretching stretching around moving keep moving do some jogging in place some jumping jacks, move your arms, stretch them out do it go in circles.Now, we are going to try and do. 40 seconds of push-ups.And here we go, five, four, three, two, one. 40 seconds worth of push-ups, go. 23 seconds. 10 more seconds worth of push-ups, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 0.Great.Give yourself a pat on the back. All right, let’s get back up and finish this workout off with.1 minute. It’s worth of.Squats, but after every squat do a calf lift. So just get up on your tippy toes, two times. So squat down and then one two.All right, here we go. 60 seconds and then we’re all done. And we’re done.Thanks for working out with us today. Have a great morning. Goodbye.