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Well good morning to you again, you’re still doing this. Wow, okay, let’s do a quick warm-up go ahead and pause and go and drink some water stretch move your arms around it’s gonna be an upper body workout. Okay, hopefully you’re ready to go we’re gonna do a one, two, three, four, five, four three, two, one circuit, we’re gonna do some pull-ups this time, so you’ll need more gear than just your floor and. Push-ups and sit-ups and Superman which is put your belly on the floor put your hands and feet up towards the. Towards the sky and count, so here we go gonna start with one pull up one. Switch to your push-up. One. Now you’re sit up flip over. One for your setup you can. Put yourself in a normal set of position and then kind of put your knees out just kind of open them up like kind of butterfly them out and then reach all the way up towards your feet. If you can. Five second break, five, four, three, two one. Now I’ll do two pull ups one. Two. And then get on down four, two push-ups. And you can do wide ones if you want one. Two and then flip on over four. To sit-ups. One. Two. One, two, three, four, five, that was the break now. Pull-ups. One. Two. Three. Excellent now get on down, four push-ups, here we go three, sorry three, we’re gonna do anyways, you get the okay. I should just start counting one. Two. Three great now flip over four some sit-ups. I mean three sit-ups for doing them, okay, you can do it words coming out of my mouth three setups, here we go one. Two. Three. Okay five second break, five, four, three, two, one now four pull ups one. Two. Three. For. Great. Now push-ups. Get down to the ground for push-ups for four push-ups. One. Two. Three. Four. And flip on over for four setups. One. Two. Three. Four. Great. Five-second break, five, four, three, two, one zero. Hop on up, four. Five comes after four. But we’re doing five pull-ups. Okay, here we go. One. Two. Three. Four. And a five pull-ups. Then get on down, four, five, six, seven. No, just get on the ground, four, five push-ups. Okay one. Two. Three. Four. Five push-ups. And now flip on over onto your belly. What your belly? Yeah, no more sit-ups. Five seconds in the Superman position arms out feet out. Just your belly button flow it just balance on your belly button and your feet and your hands up to the sky five. Four you can do this. Three. Two and a half. Two. One those back muscles. Great. Five second break, five, four, three, two one. And now we’re coming back down. I’m gonna do four pull ups. One. Two. Three. Four. All right, now four push-ups. One. Two. Three. Four. Excellent now on t just the the tip of your belly button, hopefully you have an alley at not an alley, oh my goodness an Audi don’t have an alley on your Audi. And balance on that Superman position fists out are a feed out up to the sky count to four one. Two. Three. And four. Good. Now five second break, five, four, three, two, one zero. And now three pull ups one. Two. Three. Great job. Give yourself a pat on the back, three push-ups. One. Two. Three lovely. Now get into that Superman position feed out arms out, hold it for three seconds one. Two balance on that belly button of yours. Three. All right five second breather five. Four. Three. Two. One zero. Now two pull ups you can do this you got this one. Two. And now two push-ups. One. Two. Now two seconds Superman. One. And. Two. That was probably longer than two seconds, but whatever. Now five second break, five, four, three, two, one, and we’re done just kidding one more pull up one. Did you do it great down on the floor pushups?One of them great. Now on to your belly. Superman hold it for one m. i s s i s s i. P P, I great. And now we have come to the conclusion of this satisfactory workout and hopefully you feel great. Go ahead and get your blood moving. Don’t let your blood pool. I don’t know how that works. Hopefully we’ll have an expert on this show one of these days. And enjoy your. All the good chemicals floating around now. Floating around what am I saying? I guess they float. I don’t know. So we’ll go ahead and. Do our cool down. Keep moving don’t stop moving. Keep moving your arms with your arms your right arm. One, two, three, four, five circles with your right arm five circles with your left arm, one, two, three, four, five, and then move your your top torso back back and forth while you play this F major seven just. Yep just stretch it out. Good. And just keep on just moving around. And if you feel like it you can even do a few more push-ups, maybe maybe three one, two, three. I was pretty fast. That was pretty pretty good. And yeah that concludes this workout. Go and enjoy your day. Use your brain. Siren Ira.