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Good morning today’s pocket workout is gonna be 30 minutes we are gonna get limber so go ahead and jog walk do some jumping jacks get some water hydrate, let’s do five jumping jacks one.Two.Three, four, five and five air squats one.Two.Three.Four.Five and down on the ground, let’s do five sit-ups one. Two.Three.Four.Five and then let’s repeat that goal is just to get limber go nice and slow one, two, three, four, five, jumping jacks, and now five air squats one.Two.Three.Four five and five sit-ups.One.Two.Three.Four five now, get your shoulders loose swing your arms in circles, your right arm forward. Back a few times your left arm forward.Back a few times.Jump up and down get limber all right now into the main part of the workout we’re gonna do one, two, three, four, five, four, three, two, one of each of these exercises and turns so let’s do one regular push-up. One and one wide push-up your hands out one.Now get our back and do one sit up.One great now do a Superman.Okay your stomach on the floor, put your arms and legs up towards the sky.Count to one second, all right take a quick five second breather, five, four three, two, one, and now let’s do two of each of those so one regular push-up and two regular push-ups wide push-ups one. Two and now some sit-ups.One.Two.And flip over and let’s do a Superman two seconds one.Two, great five-second break, five, four, three.To one and let’s do three regular push-ups one.Two.Three wide push-ups, one two.Three.Get on your back for sit-ups.One.Two.Three great job now for a three-second. Superman one.Two.Three, all right fours, let’s do four regular push-ups one.Two.Three.Four and wide push-ups one.Two.Three.Four and sit-ups.One.Two.Three.Four and a four-second Superman one.Two.Three.Four all right, let’s do a five-second break, we missed it last time five, four, three, two, one, zero times, four sets of five, five, regular push-ups. One.Two.Three.Four and five wide push-ups one.Two.Three.Four.Five and now for some sit-ups.One.Two.Three.Four.Five and the Superman.One.Two.Three.Four.Five seconds great, let’s quick break, five, four, three, two, one, now, let’s do four regular push-ups coming back down one. Two.Three.Four and then four wide push-ups one.Two.Three.Four flip over for some sit-ups.One.Two.Three.Four.And four second superman one.Two.Three.Four five second break, five, four, three, two, one, zero sets a three regular push-ups one.Two.Three wide push-ups one.Two.Three for some sit-ups flip on your back. One.Two.Three and superman for three seconds, hold it one.Two.Three and a five-second break, five, four, three, two, one zero.Two regular push-ups one.Two now two wide push-ups, one two.Two sit-ups.One.Two two second Superman.Hold it one.Two, great last up one regular push-up one. A wide push-up one.Sit-ups one and a Superman hold it for one second.And we’re done.Great.Check-in, do you think you could do more?Maybe throwing a few more push-ups a few more sit-ups.See how you’re feeling. All right now it’s time to cool down.Congratulations, you just made it through your work first workout.Of 20-20.So go ahead and jog around the house.Every 10 seconds give me five air squats. All right.One.Two.Three.Four.Five.Good ten more seconds jog around. All right air squats one.Two.Three.Four.Five.Great.Time four a smoothie.Hope you had a great eight minute. 58 59, second nine minute long workout session.Of definitely not 30 minutes. You could just do this whole thing again, two more times.